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#22 Why do I make covers?

I regularly make covers, both official and unofficial.

By now the only properly recorded and post produced one is the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven...

 I do cover Jpop, Classical, Folk songs and many others.

1. My desire to study in depth the areas and fields that  I can't learn just by listening.

2. Irritation caused by the long waiting time before the  release of any original song.

3. It's challenging and a lot of fun to rearrange into GYZE

style the songs written in an absolutely different genre

and by different generation.

So making covers is like a hobby for me, which is less demanding comparing to original songs composing and which I can enjoy doing for fun.

I prefer covering songs that are originally not Heavy Metal.

The reason for that is: obviously the arrangement of such

songs made by original composer is the best one, right? So

rearranging it is no fun.

However, making a ballad out of Slayer songs is another

story (laughs) Nope, they might sue me!

So, usually I choose the music I do like myself. 

The songs that make me think: "metal fans would really enjoy listening to it's heavy metal version". 

 Wasn't Vivaldi himself searching for the metal sound for his pieces?!

His music fits metal guitar so much that I start thinking that the only reason why he arranged his music for violin was the fact that there was no other choice!

I made this cover grinning and thinking: If that guy was born in or after 1980's his song would definitely sound like this! (Laughs)

Every time I compose a new original song I want to release

it as soon as it's done.

But to create a proper/perfect sound, mixing and mastering

should be don't by an outsource professional audio engineer.

And even when songs are perfectly ready it still take a few

months until the release.

And I've hated this time lag since I remember myself! (Laughs)

As for covers, they are not for sale, so I can release them fast so it's my stress relief.

                                                  Thus, when I'm boiled away by composing original                                                              material and don't have enough input/inspiration. 

                                                  I refresh by working on covers.

                                                 When I play on guitar phrases originally written for                                                           another instrument, which guitarists would fail to play using their typical habits, so I learn some different approaches, comparing to other guitarists.

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