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GYZE members end of the tour comments!

We successfully finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tours where the 3rd was a solo one!
I’m really grateful to all of you who found the opportunity to come to our shows.
Headliner of the metal festival in 2020!
So it means that we’ll become a band that gathers 2000 or more people from around the world at their show!(about twice as many as the capacity of the tour final?)

Actually, that would be the result, and to get it we’ll do our best to achieve satisfaction with what we do and satisfy everyone with our songs and performance!
We will have another Japan tour, also I. winter we’ll join 70000tons of Metal Cruise so don’t miss it and please stay tuned for our further activity!!
As we have NORTHERN HELL SONG I thought about having some winter show that would make GYZE songs shine・・・


Maybe something like a concert at minus 20 °C?hahaAnyway, GYZE are in high spirits so we’ll for sure do our best to move your hearts.

Thank you very much for always supporting us! By the way, with each and every show our dream stage and dream performance is getting closer.


It felt awesome to play the drum solo…

From start to end I felt ecstasy, I was almost in trance!

Thank you very much!!
I had a really happy time!

Love you all!!



At this point another part of our tour is done. Thank you all very much!

But we’ve already planned some awesome shows that you have never seen before for the second half of 2017! Stay tuned for the announcements!

I won’t forget the feel of aggressive passion and will dash towards our goal of 2020!

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