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"Voyage Of The Future" Special Physical Edition

GYZE 10th anniversary single the 2nd !(24th Feb 08:00 JST~ On Sale)

It is a luxurious privilege bundle version sold only at the official shop!

Track list
1.Voyage of the future
2.Voyage of the future_Acoustic and Orchestra

 Special Physical Edition are...
"Digipak CD"

"5.4oz Premium Cotton T-shirt"

"250mm x 250mm Microfiber cloth"
Three Merchs are set!

The highlight of this work, the microfiber cloth, is a luxurious item with special printing on a larger size than usual!
Take GYZE with you as part of your life! Of course it is also perfect for displaying!


* This product is pre-ordered. It will be shipped to everyone from the release date.


"Voyage Of The Future" Special Physical Edition

  • Due to the influence of COVID, there are areas where delivery is delayed or shipping is impossible.
    Please check the delivery status at this link↓

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