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Asian Chaos will be spread WORLDWIDE!

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It is time to spread the Asian Chaos around the whole world!


So we joined forces with German label Out Of Line Music who will bring our new album "Asian Chaos" to North America, South America, and Europe!


Based in Berlin, Out Of Line has a huge history of Metal and Industrial acts and a great tradition in the alternative scenes. 

We're excited to be a part of the warm metal family of Out Of Line Music alongside BrymirFear Of Domination & other cool metal bands.


"Asian Chaos" will be available there on 12th of July with an exclusive bonus track.

The first single in collaboration with Out Of Line Music is already released on Spotify! Enjoy listening to

The Rising Dragon - Reiwa (ft. Marc Hudson from DragonForce!

Moreover, with this release Out Of Line offers a CD+T-Shirt Bundle!


Asian Chaos World Ed.:
1. Far Eastern Land
2. Asian Chaos
3. Eastern Spirits
4. King Kamuy
5. Dragon Calling
6. Camellia
7. Japanese Elegy
8. The Rising Dragon - Reiwa (feat. Marc Hudson)
9. The White Territories
10. 1945 Hiroshima
11. Asian Chaos (Far Eastern Mix)
12. Chopin Revolutionary Étude (Bonus Track)

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