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GYZE 3rd album
Northern Hell Song is out!

GYZE are happy to finally announce a new album release!

GYZE are ready to challenge World metal scene with the album titled “Northern Hell Song” that was created on band’s motherland – the Northern great land of Japan, Hokkaido.

This album stands out thanks to GYZE secret weapon – ability to write vivid picturesque music and amazing sound created by a great mixing & mastering engineer Ahti Kortelainen (Tico Tico Studio, Finland) who worked with such bands as Sonata Arctica, Mors Principium Est, Kalmah, etc.

The album is released in Japan from UNIVERSAL Music Japan / Virgin music.
Counting 1 special bonus track it consists of 14 tracks.

Title:Northern Hell Song
Label:Virgin music (UNIVERSAL Music Japan)
Item ID:UICN-1089      Release date:29.03.2017

Price (tax excl.):2500 ¥

  1. Pirates Of Upas

  2. Horkew

  3. Dead Bone Blue

  4. Black Shumari

  5. Perryi Rain Dragon

  6. Mayoi

  7. The Bloodthirsty Prince

  8. Kamuy

  9. Brown Trout

  10. Frozen Dictator

  11. Northern Hell Song

  12. Snow~Upas ~

  13. Bonus Track: Moonlight Sonata


All photos used to present each song in the album trailer were taken in Hokkaido and create a「music gallery」

We’d like to shine a spotlight on the songs with titles written in language of Hokkaido Native people called Ainu. Their stories are really worth your attention!