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Mother Nature and the Sound – Lake Shumarinai, Hokkaido

GYZE / KAMUY with 朱鞠内湖
by Lake Shumarinai World Center

Gyze-Artist-photo-winter (1).jpg

Photo by Innovative Design

Lake Shumarinai located in the North of Hokkaido is not only the place GYZE shot profile pictures and music video for the 3rd album “NORTHERN HELL SONG” at.
It is also a place that gave me incredible amount of inspiration for songwriting.

The mission statement of the Lake Shumarinai World Center that is carrying out the administration of this lake sais:

“Lake Shumarinai in Hokkaido is full of great and yet not discovered charm. Lake Shumarinai is developing into an outstanding field that can represent Japan and the whole Asian region as a fantastic place not only for fishing, but also for camping and other outdoor activities. We work so you could catch a meter-class native trout in abundant and magnificent nature; so you could constantly enjoy the amazing place called Lake Shumarinai; to reveal not yet discovered charm of this place and to make everyone notice and appreciate awe-inspiring gorgeous nature of Lake Shumarinai.”

【to make everyone notice and appreciate awe-inspiring gorgeous nature of Lake Shumarinai.】

We really sympathise with this statement
Moreover, it is very similar to the message GYZE want to share.

We think that music is not just some sound that comes from speakers.

Thinking of such composers as Beethoven and Vivaldi who used nature as a theme for their music pieces, we can presume

that, there has been this sacred connection between music and nature since the beginning of time.


Photo by Lake Shumarinai World Center

Actually, we always come in touch with nature through our hobby – fishing, supported by Mr. Fukushi and D3-custom lures.

While fishing I think a lot about how to express through the sound the atmosphere of the amazing place I'm now at!

The main reason why GYZE want to run an open air festival in Hokkaido is that we want all of you to personally experience the unique fusion of music and great nature.

We received permission from Lake Shumarinai to use this new video.

Actually, this view is exactly the same with the image I drew in my head when making the demo of the song Kamuy.

Watching it feels like having deja vu.

When you continue doing something you love many good things happen.

And most of all I want you to come and enjoy this amazing place 一 Lake Shumarinai.

I believe that you will definitely regain something you forgot or discover something new for yourself there.


A stunning official site of Lake Shumarinai

Fishing tools maker/GYZE endorsement

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