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It’s a Brand New Day!

That’s Aruta writing!

Hi everyone! Long time no see.
As you noticed we changed GYZE web presence. To tell the truth, personally I was ready for these changes as I used to post something on my SNS accounts not more than once a month.

If you ask me why we decided to communicate in such a way – by writing a column, the answer is simple – because we thought “We would really like to share more with all of those who are really interested in us, with our loyal fans”.

The first thing I want to draw your attention to is that in this “Column” you will find individual messages or entries written by members and posted with photos. Secondly, it’s easy to find this Column on our website. Moreover, information here doesn’t get washed away by new posts so you can read and reread it any time.

For example, some time ago there was a post like ”Today I went fishing (with a photo)”. It would reach only some people who are interested and people who are not, or don’t know us would just leave.

But in the current format of Column after that post there could come something like “By the way, the last time I caught such fish was during the recording…”, etc. – so the topic can be expended! Moreover, we thought that if we make and keep kind of archive, some new thoughts about GYZE and feelings could come in sight when reading it later.
I really enjoy anticipation and excitement which feels just like reading a book.

As a result of recent changes we have gathered all the information about GYZE on our official website. We wanted to make it easy for you to find everything about us just by visiting our website.

We’ll keep posting the same type of content as always but we want to make it more visible, interesting, and fun!
There are still some things being prepared which we’ll announce soon. So don’t miss it!

So what I wanted to say is that Ryoji, Shuji, and me, Aruta, want to make you enjoy GYZE more. I hope that these new means of communication would help to get across to many people what a good band GYZE are.

I have only one wish.

「Let’s reach the top of the world together!」

See you!

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