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New Year Message from Shuji!

Hi, this’s SHUJI!

How did you spend your New Year holidays?

This year I met not with traditional NewYear soba but with a NewYear ramen!

Suddenly I thought, what if we imagine that a band is ramen? Then broth is songs, noodles – vocal、 roasted pork – guitar, bass – rice, and so drums are the bowl!

And all of those are indispensable components!

This year you’ll get even more pork noodles RYOJI and rice ARUTA in a heavier beautiful bowl that will make your eyes sparkle.

Please wait for the unbelievably delicious 3rd broth called 《NORTHEN HELL SONG》!

And of course this time I’ll also say Thank you very much for everything!

Stay with GYZE this year too!

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