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Happy New Year 2017

Once again, Happy New Year!


First of all I want to say for us and you all – “let’s live”.


It is said that such things like dreams and goals are secondary, as it is life itself that is the most important and precious luxury we have.


The most important thing to make your dreams come true is not to die, to stay alive!

If you get tired, please have some rest.


I wrote such an introduction wanting to say thay starting from this year GYZE are planning to enter “electrical discharge phase”.

We are about to announce our tour schedule! So if you have some offer or want to book us it’s the best time to contact our team via the contact form at our website!


I’m sure that GYZE can go to any nook of this big World to meet you.


If you have any other ideas please feel free to contact us through the “Contacts” page on our official website.

Also if you are interested in any of GYZE members to deliver a seminar or take part in your event we’ll be glad to get your offers.

I’ll say this again, first of all “let’s live!”
Stay with us in 2017 as well!


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