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Frosty winter, finally!

Hokkaido is already covered with snow, so I’m cleaning snow everyday and all muscles are sore.
It seems that this winter in Europe (Ukraine, Russia) will be the coldest in the last 100 years and this cold wave with great snow now reached Hokkaido.

Btw, did you know that my hometown Sapporo with the population over 100 000 people is on the second place in the world by the level of fallen snow.


And coming along with the frosty winter GYZE announced the 3rd album『Northern Hell Song』release from Universal Music.

As you could see, the themes of this album are winter, snow and Hokkaido.


I can say with confidence that the content of the songs is 120% GYZE while titles and lyrics are related to Hokkaido.
We were creating the 3rd album thinking “we really want people to know more about our homeland”. And it is especially important now as we started cooperating with EU company and are beginning full-scale world wide activity.
Well, as it’s to early to tell more, please think and imagine.

First, let’s appreciate to imagine the great Nature. ( Photo at Shumarinai, Hokkaido )

Music like artwork is meant to live for centuries.
Little by little we’re becoming a band that can finally say these words.
But we haven’t yet reached the completion. Or it’s better to say, we’re not aiming at completion.

Let’s share ideas and tell stories together!Oh, I want to tell you more.. OK, I’ll be patient.

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