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the engagement between
you and me

How are you?This is Aruta.

It might seem out of the blue, but what comes to your mind when you hear “beauty of style”?
Being a metalhead, I think of such bands as Deep Purple, Rainbow. And in this case “beautiful style” would be used as an adjective.

colmun_1-768x1024 (1).jpg

But I don’t want to talk about it as an adjective today.


What I would like to talk about is “beauty of style” as pre-established harmony or “harmonie preetablie”(the engagement).

Well, I think it wasn’t properly advertised here, so let me make another try.

Have you seen a trailer of the 3rd album?

As you could hear, this time we recorded many compositions with the main focus on melody that is possible to sing. We also put in our thoughts like “Sing along!” and then “I wish we sang this together…” (haha)

Originally, expression「beauty of style」was used to describe a feeling when you find beauty in some sequence or harmony, the so-called 「engagement」, inside a piece of literature or in the artwork. In other words, it’s something that audience feels towards the performer or art.

As I’m playing in a band I think that performers that think the same regarding audience also definitely exit. For example it happened when we first played「Desire (1st album)」live.

With the very first notes of the riff the excited audience started to make noise and sang along the whole melody. Each time such moments happen I shiver. The power of all of the audience put together is absolutely the most beautiful thing for me!That’s for sure a good example of「beauty」observed from the performer’s side!

First of all, I believe that Japanese fans are really good at building「engagement」.

Long ago it started from addressing Kabuki artists or pyrotechnicians, and nowadays this「engagement」is evolving and is already deeply rooted in the world of show business.

For example, have you seen any concerts of recent underground idols?

colmun-2-1024x768 (1).jpg

They are absolutely amazing. Engagement there is up to the level when I no longer can surely say who exactly is dancing, artist or audience. (haha)
But when it gets so sophisticated, next time normal world already may seem something you’re not really familiar with. In metal it is so, the more extreme it is the more secluded and insulated the world becomes. (It’s not that I’m trying to deny something, moreover I also like many extreme bands myself.)

What I really want is to make more people hear GYZE music and have fun listening to us, thus it will be such a waste if our world becomes secluded and it’s definitely not what I aim at.

So what would be the 「engagement」 that we could establish not only with Japanese fans? I think it’s singing. Moreover, luckily GYZE music is melodic death metal. Thus when singing you don’t have to worry about lyrics!

It’s OK just to vocalize the melody like「Ooo-O♪」or to hum「uh-huh♪」!And as I said some time ago, now we created plenty of easy to sing and to understand melodies.
Haven’t you got such thoughts as「oh, at this point I’d like to sing…」while watching the trailer?(haha) And this is exactly the chance to achieve the 「beauty!」

With this album I believe that if at the live show you sing along and enjoy our performance it would really become the first moment I can call a complete perfection.
When I imagine playing live I become so excited that can’t even sleep (haha). I believe we’ll definitely make an awesome show.

Let’s make beauty called Northern Hell Song perfect together!


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