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Dream & Business

Do you have any dreams or things you really want to do?


As a musician and entertainer I have many dreams.
It was at the 4th year of primary school when I confessed to everyone around that

“I’ll become a musician” for the first time.

And everyone said: “That’s awesome! Do your best!”.

And since then I started learning classic guitar putting my heart and soul in it, and single-mindedly aiming to become a rock guitarist.

Becoming 18 means leaving school and entering adult life, and at this time people asked me “What will you do?”. And as usual I told them “I’ll be a musician!”
People who said “Do your best! ” at some point started sounding sarcastic asking “And how will you make a living?” or “The most important thing is to be famous and popular”. Because of that it was a bad period in my life.

What about now? Is GYZE my occupation and business?If taking it this way, sometimes the answer is Yes and sometime the answer is No. And telling the truth most of the time it wasn’t bringing me anything.
When my former band was created I was earning a living as a “callcenter operator” and almost all the rest of the time I devoted to my band.

When we created GYZE I was earning a living working as a waiter in the Italian restaurant and all the rest of the time I devoted to GYZE.

When the band debuted, our schedule became busier and I couldn’t do any shift job anymore. So from time to time I had a part time job cleaning buildings.

Being a musician (especially being in a band) has a so called “selling a dream” side that is strong in this type of industry. That is why I didn’t like to do any job except music related one.

But to begin with should the formula necessarily be: dream coming true=getting money?(of course if one could get it it’s a good thing)

Was Budda getting salary?
Did you know that the author of Harry Potter J. K. Rowling was living on welfare and has even thought about committing suicide?

And do you know that Mozart was in debt and was working for free?

Isn’t the reason why they became great people and creator that they didn’t choose to stop, didn’t give up just because they weren’t payed for their work?

The minimum cost of living in Tokyo is high and that’s why it was much easier to pursue my dream in Hokkaido. (Actually before moving to the capital I was working in Italy)

While I was chasing my dream many people pierced my heart with their words like with arrows.


Can you feed yourself with what you do?- this one was the most painful poisoned arrow.

Is it that having lived only for 18〜22 years you must already have the skills to earn yourself a living?
And is it impossible to get success when you’re in your 30s?

There are 8 years between the age of 22 and 30.
There are people who die when they’re 72 but there are those dying in 80, right?
Shouldn’t this difference be buried somewhere?

If your dreams haven’t come true by the time of your forced graduation from high school or university but you decided not to give up on it, is it a bad thing to take your time to pursue your dreams?

By the way, Twilight Waltz by Takashi Kako, whom I really respect, was released when he was 53 (he debuted at the age of 26!)

This is the song that I was able to hear only because he didn’t give up.

The song that represents GYZE “Desire” I wrote when I was 18.
I wrote it while working at a call center from 10am to 7pm 5 days a week.

It wouldn’t have existed if I had chosen to quit music just because it didn’t feed me.

When choosing between a dream and business look through the stories of success of those who made their dreams come true and unexpected courage might spring out in you.

※baseball players or hit musicians of 90s happened to get some extraordinarily high wages so they can’t serve as a good reference.


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