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Album title: ASIAN CHAOS (World Edition)
Release date: July 12th, 2019
OUT 1028 Price: €13.99+shipping

Label: Out Of Line Music

Produced, All Music and Lyrics by Ryoji
Mixing & Mastered by Ahti Kortelainen

(Tico Tico Studio)
Bonus tracks mixed by Ryoji

Artwork: Rhett Podersoo / Photos Litchi

Ryoji: Vocals, Lead Guitar & Keyboards
Aruta: Bass & Vocals 
SHINKAI: Rhythm Guitar,  Programming & Keyboards 
Han-nya :Drums


1. Far Eastern Land

2. Asian Chaos

3. Eastern Spirits

4. King Kamuy

5. Dragon Calling

6. Camellia

7. Japanese Elegy

8. The Rising Dragon - Reiwa (ft. Marc Hudson)

9. The White Territories

10. 1945 Hiroshima

11. Asian Chaos (Far Eastern Mix)

12. Chopin Revolutionary Étude (Bonus Track)

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The Rising Dragon 2018

GYZE 1st single The Rising Dragon (龍吟) is specially composed for Hokkaido 150 years Anniversary project!

Japanese edition bonus track features guest vocals by Marc Hudson (DragonForce);

World edition bonus track - a new song "Dragon Calling" (龍神) Live ver.

Release date: 13.07.2018

Item number: HWCA-1114

Price ¥1500

Mixed & Mastered by Ahti Kortelainen

Label: Howling Bull INC

Digital distribution by Universal Music

Cover Art by Rhett Podersoo

①Japan edition:

1. Japanese Elegy

2. 龍吟

3. 龍吟 ft. Marc Hudson from DragonForce


4. 龍吟 Instrumental ver.

② International edition:

1. Japanese Elegy

2. The Rising Dragon (龍吟)

3. Dragon Calling(竜神)Live (BONUS)

4. The Rising Dragon(龍吟)Instrumental

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Northern Hell Song 2017


GYZE are ready to challenge World metal scene with the album titled “Northern Hell Song” that was created on band’s motherland – the Northern great land of Japan Hokkaido.

This album stands out thanks to GYZE secret weapon – ability to write vivid picturesque music and amazing sound created by Ahti Kortelainen. 

We’d also like to shine a spotlight on the songs with titles written in language of Hokkaido Native people called Ainu. Their stories are really worth your attention!

Label: UNIVERSAL Music Japan / Virgin music.

Cover art by Rhett Podersoo
Item number: UICN-1089 Price: 2500 ¥
Release date:29.03.2017

  1. Pirates Of Upas

  2. Horkew

  3. Dead Bone Blue

  4. Black Shumari

  5. Perryi Rain Dragon

  6. Mayoi

  7. The Bloodthirsty Prince

  8. Kamuy

  9. Brown Trout

  10. Frozen Dictator

  11. Northern Hell Song

  12. Snow~Upas ~

  13. Bonus Track: Moonlight Sonata

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Black Bride 2015

GYZE Black Bride

The second Internationally released album "Black Bride" is filled with extreme passion in vocals, heartfelt guitar melodies & fast paced drums. It unveils a new feel of GYZE, more powerful, harsh and technical.

The Nanohana guitar contest held in 2016 gave the winner a chance to record guitar part for one of the new GYZE songs.

25.02.2015 (Japan, Victor Entertainment Edition)
Item number: VICL-64303 Price: 2500

09.06.2015 (Coroner Records Edition)

Produced by Ettore Rigotti & Ryoji

Recorded at Heavens Studio & SSM
Mixed & Mastered by Ettore Rigotti

Cover art by Rhett Podersoo; All Music & Lyrics by Ryoji
Guest Vocals by Ettore Rigotti (HONESTY)

  1. Black Bride

  2. In Grief

  3. Honesty

  4. Insane Brain

  5. Black Shadow

  6. Winter Breath

  7. Twilight

  8. Satanic Loop

  9. Nanohana

  10. Julius

  11. Asuhenohikari

  12. Gnosis (Bonus track JAPAN)

Surface Tears (Bonus Track Coroner Records)

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Fascinating Violence 2013

The 1st full-format debut album upon signing a deal with Coroner Records (Italy)! Extremely technical lead guitar parts performed by Ryoji simultaneously with lead vocals brought this album to the top of the AMAZON chart and held it there for 3 consequent months. This album is created in collaboration with Disarmonia Mundi having Claudio Ravinale as guest vocalist on some tracks.

Japanese edition is released upon the major debut in Japan with JVC/Victor Entertainment.

04.06.2013 (Coroner Records Edition)

Item number: CR 032 Price: 10,90€

03.09.2014 (Japan, Korea, Taiwan)
Item number: VICL-64197 Price: 2500¥

Produced by Ettore Rigotti & Ryoji; Recorded at Heavens Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Ettore Rigotti

Cover art by Rhett Podersoo; All Music & Lyrics by Ryoji
Guest Vocals by Claudio Ravinale & Jin 

     Track List:

  1. Desire

  2. Desperately

  3. Fascinating Violence

  4. Regain

  5. Trash My Enemy

  6. A Dynasty

  7. Final Revenge

  8. Trigger Of The Anger

  9. Day Of The Funeral

  10. Midnight Darkness

  11. The Black Era

  12. Future Terror (Bonus Track for JAPAN)

  13. Last Insanity (Bonus Track for JAPAN)

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gyze fascinating violence