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Birth, Death and Life

07.01.2017 at 06:10pm our grandmother passed away.


And the car our family was driving crashed making a barrel roll in the air. It happened right on our way to the grandmother’s hospital.


Police and ambulance came to register the car crash. As all the formalities were over we hurried to the hospital.
Almost the same moment as we arrived she took her last breath. Seems she was waiting for us.

After and because of this accident I felt like I was set free of all the discord, strife and problems we had inside our family and with relatives.

I believe that at the last moments of her life she scolded us sending us a strong and very important message: ”Stop fighting, be friends! ”.

And it’s not the only thing that happened. On a all-night vigil day, our grandfather, whose health was already not good, was suddenly taken to the ER.

He wasn’t breathing.. What I felt at that moment was: is it really happening to us?

I really think it was a trick played by our grandma, as she didn’t want him to see her becoming bones.

And actually grandpa soon recovered.


There is no way we can escape feeling bewildered and struck when things that seem to be a cruel joke do happen in real life.

Why does it feel so sad when beloved important people leave us?..


Why was I born if I would feel such sorrow?..
I thought about it a lot.

Somehow I was really drawn to by the words of a monk that he said at the funeral. I was researching a lot of information since then.


I realized that The Buddha was feeling the same despair to be born and to live.

It was so unlike me but I got really into researching about Buddhism and religious things from daily life.

While I was researching it「Shinto」strongly came into my view.

And suddenly when I looked through one special material my depression disappeared and I stopped being gloomy.

It is called “Yao yorozu no kami” (八百万の神, eight million gods)“ which main idea is that deity dwells in everything, everything around us has God spirit.


For example, in Christianity there is only one God. Buddha is also one of gods. I wasn’t rejecting any of these beliefs, but the main idea of this manuscript was the closest to what I had inside me.

I also felt that the core of all problems lies in that stupid people tend to blindly defend what they believe is right harshly criticizing other people’s beliefs, negating something that is justice for others.

ーuntil this point are the thoughts I wrote about a month agoー


Since then…

We made the 3rd album release announcement, had interviews and were busy with other preparations…
I wanted to leave my feelings behind so I wrote few new songs.


Oh!Actually I also got hospitalized with chronic disease. (I didn’t want to make you all worry so I tell about it only now.)


I can’t wait for the crazy 40 days long Europe tour that starts in March, where GYZE will perform 34 shows!!

“Oh, it’s coming!” this is the feel our activity has now, so I really think this year might become the one that gives us the chance to look in the faces of all those who support us

And also this year GYZE will go on Japan tour, what is actually rare for us to do.

Considering what is happening and what I’m studying now I want to release my next works a little faster, I want to challenge myself with an original experiment.

Once again, although originally life is pain and suffering, I had a great time thinking about how to make it shine.


Grandma once said that she wanted to watch our show overseas and that’s why I’ve put the coin that was burning win her at cremation inside my guitar, so she’ll enjoy this tour with us!

See you!

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