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to be released on July 10th with

a preceeding single release!

The new GYZE album『ASIAN CHAOS』to be released in the whole world on July 12th! 
The title track will be released world-wide already on June 7th as a digital single!

The metal band from Hokkaido GYZE is about to release the 4th full-format album from BLACK SHEEP RECORDS in Japan, officially coming back to the old haunts - Victor Entertainment. Moreover, the world edition will be spread around the globe by Out Of Line Music! 

Moreover, before the album release scheduled in Japan for July 10, GYZE will release a single featuring the title track Asian Chaos (Far Eastern Mix ver.). Its worldwide digital release is planned for June 7th. 

Although GYZE is active overseas and targeting the western market, with the new album Asian Chaos the main composer of the band Ryoji decided to highlight his Japanese identity. An amazing and unpredictable collaboration was born: being proud of his origins, he invited musicians of Gagaku - world oldest orchestra - to perform on a few tracks, introducing such traditional Japanese wind instruments as Sho (笙), Hichiriki (篳篥) and Ryuteki (龍笛). The glory of lyrical melodies of Gagaku, combined with a unique Japanese scale and integrated with heavy metal creates the unrivaled transcendent sound album showing how cool pure Japanese traditional music actually is. The new album is meant to leave a strong impression highlighting the originality of GYZE.

So we believe this album is the best match for the beginning of Reiwa era. 

"Asian Chaos" includes a song in collaboration with a DragonForce vocalist Marc Hudson. GYZE has played with DragonForce on the festivals and on their Asian tour where the bands became friends so when Ryoji asked if Marc was interested to do guest vocals for the song he supported the idea. Look forward to finding out what spice did Marc add to the GYZE song.

Also, a bonus track for Japan edition is a cover of the iconic Forever Love by X JAPAN. 
Look forward to hearing GYZE interpretation of this legendary song. 

More news! With the new album, we're happy to welcome a new member on guitar and programming - SHINKAI, who used to be Ryoji's mentor. Also, instead of Shuji, who unfortunately can't continue band activity now, we introduce you to Hannya - a support drummer. However, GYZE are hoping that one day Shuji would come back.

Gyze Asian Chaos_white_jewel.jpg

Album title: ASIAN CHAOS (World Edition)
Release date: July 12th, 2019
OUT 1028 Price: €13.99+shipping

Produced, All Music and Lyrics by Ryoji
Mixing & Mastered by Ahti Kortelainen

(Tico Tico Studio)
Bonus tracks mixed by Ryoji

Artwork: Rhett Podersoo / Photos Litchi

Ryoji: Vocals, Lead Guitar & Keyboards
Aruta: Bass & Vocals 
SHINKAI: Rhythm Guitar,  Programming & Keyboards 
Han-nya :Drums


1. Far Eastern Land

2. Asian Chaos

3. Eastern Spirits

4. King Kamuy

5. Dragon Calling

6. Camellia

7. Japanese Elegy

8. The Rising Dragon - Reiwa (ft. Marc Hudson)

9. The White Territories

10. 1945 Hiroshima

11. Asian Chaos (Far Eastern Mix)

12. Chopin Revolutionary Étude (Bonus Track)

【Digital release info】
The first to come single "Asian Chaos (Far Eastern Mix)" will be released worldwide on June 7th! It will be available at a flat rate on all main music streaming services like iTunes Store, Recochoku, Apple Music, LINE MUSIC, Spotify, AWA,  etc.!

Member's comments



Long winter has finally ended and GYZE can finally continue our activities.
Our new work makes me feel completely satisfied, I've never felt like that before. 
I feel as excited as I was before releasing our first album, but this time it feels even better! 

This time we renewed everything including the lineup! I'm very glad to have my guitar teacher SHINKAI with us now.

I can't wait to hit the road with the mentor and apprentice twin guitar duo! 
Due to my brother and our drummer Shuji's health condition he unfortunately can't continue activities in the band. But we believe one day he will feel better and will come back so we asked the support drummer to honor Shuji's place by wearing the mask.

We'll be hoping to enjoy the stage together with Shuji again soon. Anyway, we've created the album that is closer to my ideal as never before so I can't wait for you to hear Asian Chaos all over the world!




The beginning of a new Era...

And at the same time we GYZE changed management and are releasing a new album!
You can find more details about it in our press-release.

And startinwith this album, me, Aruta, became a head of band's business management. 

Well, as you all know Ryoji is a leader of the band and there is no change in that. However, this change leads to reformation of the agenda and ideas inside the band. 

For example, if we announed a fan event preceding the release of the current album, I'd speak of it as「the album we‘d put our lives on the line for」that's how strong we feel about it. 

For you it might be just on of many metal albums.
Therefore, I won't say anything like "Anticipate it!" but Asian Chaos is really the album that we, GYZE, went through a lot with and bet our lives on.

So "Anticipate it!"... Honestly,  I really wanna say it. Lol 
Everyone of us did their maximum to make this work the special metal album. 

About half a year ago we made you all worry, but we're ready to devote ourselves to making the future bright.

Keep supporting GYZE and stay tuned for something great! 




I met Ryoji as my student more than 10 years ago, and I've been following his activities since the very beginning...and here we are now. 

At last year's end I got a message from him asking if I could do some programming and arrangement work for the NEW ALBUM so we were working even during New Year holidays.

When I heard the album's demo for the first time I felt that something was different and exceptional about it.

After that we were talking about GYZE structure and future activities, our personal goals and we happened to be like-minded and found a common ground. And as a result, I officially join the band as a new member.

So from now on I will become a foundation and will put 120% of effort to make possible all the things that were hard to achieve having just 3 members.

Thank you for always supporting us stay with new GYZE.


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