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App-Amp Recommendation

Last year I stopped using a traditional set of an amplifier + cabinet and started to use app amp instead!
So I wanna use this chance to introduce it to you once again.

So why did I choose it?
Reason ① First of all, the sound is good!
If sound was less than great using an app would be out of the question even if it was convenient, though.・・・
Actually, at the time when I was still using line on stage I didn’t approve of using application as an amp (laughs)
As a result, I have absolutely no troubles with the app and like the sound we have now much more than during the age of traditional amplifiers. And it proved its worth at the venues, too!
If I go on just praising my sound system in words this column won’t be so fun so at the end of it I’ve put a video so you could check the new sound by yourselves!
↓ Here is my stage setting scheme. I’m using iRig2 interface.


Reason ② Touring becomes 10 times easier. 
During the tours I was always getting pissed off because of those huge and heavy amps. (Laughs)

When I needed to travel by plane I couldn’t bring my amp with me and had to use the local ones provided by venues which was always stressful for me.
Last year during our Europe tour when we were moving from place to place and I hurt my back. And then I thought – “Is there any more convenient way to do things?” So, as a result, I started looking for one.
And now having only my guitar and a small suitcase with me I can play a live with the same sound no matter where I am and it makes touring 10 times easier.
Those who use monitors on stage or anyway want to have an amp playing behind their backs can just send the signal directly from the DI to the amp and get the same sound each time. And in this case I don’t recommend to do miking.


↓ A scheme for those who prefers direct connection of guitar


Reason ③ less troubles occur
When you use an amp there is a power cable, speakers cable, mics around, and all the other things that use electricity or have independent power sources. So if even one cable is out the sound suddenly stops.
Because using an app on iPhone everything is being put together on the screen so I have much less trouble.
But if someone suddenly calls you or the alarm goes off it becomes crazy on stage that’s why I set my phone to the airplane (flight) mode and plug in the charger!
↓Since long ago I’ve been using 5150 by PEAVEY. The AMPKIT was cooperatively developed by PEAVEY and Agile Partners. I set it up and use it on my iPhone5S.
The fact that this amp maker took part in the development of the app was one of the key factors that made me use it. I LOVE 5150!!


Reason ④ Every day the sound is same
Every time when bringing only a head I had to use different amps and mics each time in different conditions, so the sound from the speakers was every time pretty scattered.
If setting up the head, cabinet and mics inside the app, you will get the same sound saving your time on soundcheck and during rehearsals.
↓This is the sound setting I made at the general rehearsal for the show.
Head – Teavoy ValveWing (free), cabinet 4×12 Teavoy 6505+ (charges apply)
There is a gap between your favorite real amplifier sound and the one produced by the application. Thus try not to stick to any fixed ideas or stereotypes and just search the suitable sound for you. I use the following setting. In metal style sound there are no faults.


Reason ⑤ I’m always looking for a challenge
I might be just my theory and my mindset, but I use it also because I always want to find & use new opportunities while understanding and respecting the traditions.
I haven’t yet seen any other musicians using the app as an amp on stage during the show except for myself・・・
I would be glad if after reading this article someone achieves good sound and as a result creates great music.
↓The effectors are as follows. When I was using regular amps I had to use cables but with the app amp it’s convenient to use a variety of equipment.

↓Reference video ①
※the sound was recorded by an in-camera mic which caused stereo effect. No editing was done to the audio. In this video I used iPhone-irig system.

↓Reference video ②
Using different amp

RYOJI's Equipment
Strings:ERNIE BALL M-STEEL 10-52 –
Wireless system:GLXD16 SHURE –
In-Ear monitor system PSM 300 –
Picks: JAZZ 1mm – MASTER8 –
Mute band : NO NOISE –
Earphones: ONKYO CUSTOM –

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