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After all, was I talented?

【After all、 was I talented?】Beethoven said so.

I really didn’t understand why he said so, but it’s right to think that if you work hard you can do something well, right?

Celebrating the Super Moon that appeared on Nov 18th we’ve released Death Metal version of Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement.

It was recorded as a live one-shot and I was playing guitar loudly so it might be hard to listen, but if listening to a sound source version – you could hear no mistake guitar playing & vocal sounding pretty nice.

In improvised lyrics I used the famous quote by Beethoven translated into Japanese:
It basically means: “...humility of man towards men — it pains me — and when I regard myself in connection with the Universe, what I am, and what he is — whom one calls the greatest — and yet — there lies herein again the godlike of man.”

That’s something I can relate to!

The reason I think so is that while you’re living there is a lot of bad information around that comes into view (the situation with TV broadcast and adverts inside the trains get worse.)

But obviously that doesn’t mean that we won’t get any positive information from time to time.

Coming back to the topic, why I decided to play classical music now? The reason is not that in primary school I used to learn to play classic guitar and not just because I loved classical music but Yngwie J. Malmsteen since then. It is more because last and this year I had few chances to listen to some classical music live and those performances deeply impressed me.

Surely the situation is important for music. I saw everything in a new light.

Next album was fully made in Hokkaido and there is a strong meaning and reason for it.

The reason is what I said above.

Moonlight on the Supermoon eve was indeed romantic, wasn’t it?

By the way, have you already seen – GYZE made Coming Soon announcement!

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